Asphalt Repair

Asphalt Repair and Maintenance.  Save time, money, and hassle and allow ArmorKote to repair and maintain your asphalt parking lot or driveway with.  Asphalt can look nice but only as long as it’s maintained.

We Can Repair Your Asphalt:

  • Small cracks collect moisture.
  • Water expands and contracts with changing temperature which results in larger cracks.
  • Larger cracks collect more moisture and water which will weaken the foundation.
  • Weaknesses in the foundation results in your driveway/ asphalt breaking apart.

So, in short, small cracks grow into larger cracks which turn into big holes in your asphalt and driveways.

ArmorKote can fix that with using hot rubber and sealing the crack so it doesn’t grow into a money hungry pothole.

Hot Rubber Crack Filling done correctly and annually is extremely advantageous in preserving your pavement.  Then you accompany that with an annual sealcoat to seal and protect it from water and oil breakdown.  If you fill cracks every year, the number of cracks that normally form will be reduced drastically.

Most companies like you to wait between services so the cracks grow in size and in numbers.  This allows them to charge you more.  At ArmorKote we take care of you and your asphalt which not only gives you peace of mind, but also we prolong your asphalt’s life, prevent water penetration, and we save you MONEY!!!

Protect Your Asphalt with Armorkote!  Request a Free Asphalt Repair Estimate.