Green Trailer Wash

At ArmorKote we appreciate our environment just as much as our customers and show our respect by using our patented ‘green’ environment friendly system and products.  It’s important to your business image and profit to regularly clean and maintain your trucks and trailers, so we make it easier for you to accomplish this by us coming to you!

  • Your truck and trailer is a mobile advertisement for your company.
  • A clean vehicle portrays  a message of pride, quality and reliability.
  • Dirt, grime and salt not only look unappealing but also forms corrosion that can damage the truck and trailer.
  • Regular cleaning will increase the image of the your company and extend the life of the vehicle.
  • Routine cleaning and maintenance will save your pocket book from unneeded and untimely repairs.

Our top-notch equipment is self contained, self propelled and complies with all local environmental regulations.  Our patented water recovery and reuse system saves on water usage and stores the water used in a storage unit where it can be used again.  This system is mobile and can move freely and independently to clean all the nook-n-crannies.